Currys in the Kitchen & Dirty Bones..

Last week I got down and dirty at Dirty Bones in Kensington...db 3

Pic by The Gastronhome

Upon entering the “House of Dirty Bones” which from outside has a secret underground feel to it, styled as a basement bar and restaurant, it was reminiscent of low lighted jazz bars, small and compact with space. The hostess is perched over a vintage pinball machine, the music is set off by a DJ mixing and intercepted throughout the evening by some live signing which really set the ambiance in the den.

photo 3 (100)

The compact menu tonight consists of burger dogs, fried chicken, American-style sides and cool cocktails to match in this on trend menu for 2014.

We start with the “Burger Dog” in a finger bun, with kimchi puree, wasabi mayo and crispy seaweed, we can’t taste the kimchi very much but its a great dog and one I enjoyed more than the  “Burger Dog”  with aged bavette and beef fat mince, beer cheese, frenchies mustard and ketchup which does indeed taste like a burger!photo 5 (81) Continue reading

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Braised French Mustard Chicken

I have been exploring more dishes from other cuisines relevant to Mauritian influences and with French being one of them, I recently did a pop up on the weekend (Flavour Expats) cooking alongside two ex Ritz chefs. It was a learning curve to say the least, seeing dishes like Rum Baba pop up on their menu which is a popular Mauritian dessert.IMG_3282lr

This French inspired dish I tried my hand at making using Maille wholegrain mustard instead of dijon, that it traditionally calls for, is a Braised Mustard Chicken recipe taken and adapted from Saveur magazine.

The use of wholegrain added a fantastic level of texture to the braising liquid with the wine, don’t forget to add in the tarragon at the end, it adds an aniseed freshness that brings the dish to life.

<img class="alignleft wp-image-5203" alt="IMG_3289lr" Continue reading

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February Food Round Up!

Copa De Cava, Bar Topolski, Sticks & Sushi, Flavour Expats..

Beginning of March already and it feels like I have covered copious amounts of cooking, eating, experimenting in the kitchen and more! Here is a round-up of recent eats but first I have to mention my first blog post for which was my most happy day so far this year! Click on the above link to see my Mango Tarte Tatin Recipe.


Copa De Cava, Camino, London

Two weeks ago I visited Copa de Cava, based in City Thameslink. “It is the UK’s first dedicated and authentic cava bar and a real labour of love from the team behind Camino. Opened in May 2013, it’s nestled amid the brick vaults below Camino Blackfriars and is a beautiful nod to the atmospheric bodegas dotted across the Catalan region.” 

Continue reading

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Chocolate House Tour & French Patisserie

photo 2 (100)

La Patisserie Des Reves: Set on Marlybone High Street, the name translates as ‘the pastry shop of dreams’ – and yes indeed it was! This small venue, which opened two weeks go among much excitement on Twitter is the first London branch of a boutique Parisian patisserie 4 (87)

photo 3 (94)

With traditional Parisian delicacies like the Paris-Brest, “originally created in 1891 to mark the famous bicycle race”. It is filled with liquid praline and has a beautifully nutty taste. Continue reading

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Indian Style Steak & Spinach Paneer Salad

So a special Monday was had yesterday, apart from it being a gloomy Monday it was one of those “I need some good food to cheer myself up” days. Which resulted in myself and the hubby deciding everyday should be a champagne day! Cracking open the bottle,  I ventured into trying some tropical Passionfruit Bellini’s and had planned a lovely dinner to try with a spiced twist.

photo 5 (77)

Heading down to my local Waitrose (as this was a treat!) last week I stocked up on some quality meats and ingredients to cook up a feast at home. I was inspired by the Waitrose champagne passionfruit bellini for this occasion and guessed they would fit well with my spicy dinner of Indian rump steaks, spinach and panner salad, raita, naans and a coconut curry sauce. Sort of drool worthy stuff here. Continue reading

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Augustine Kitchen in Battersea

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting South London Augustine Kitchen, based in Battersea. A delightful French bistro courtesy of Chef Franck Raymond. Augustine Kitchen, named after Franck’s grandmother serves up French-style tapas and some more classic dishes, with a focus on produce from the Evian region.yuy8y8

Formerly head chef at London institution Mon Plaisir in Covent Garden, Franck Raymond has had a passion for French food throughout his life and this demonstrates through his elegance and perfection when demonstrating dishes close to his heart. Continue reading

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Great British Chefs Supperclub by Yummy Choo

Supperclub, Great British Chef Recipes, Corney & Barrow Wine Pairing, Food 3 (84) - Copy

This weekend saw me cook up and host a special supperclub feast for food guests at chez moi on behalf of Great British Chefs and Corney and Barrow wines.

It didn’t take me long to decide to do it, but even longer to decide what to cook, with the extensive variety of recipes on the Great British Chefs sites, by Michelin starred and acclaimed chefs, its alot to live up to. Continue reading

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January Food Reviews & Jamie Oliver!

Recently I was seen popping up on TV stuffing my face on Jamie Oliver (Sienna Miller) episode last week of Jamie’s Food Fight which was lots of fun, lovely to meet the big man himself and a day of filming and eating was not too bad! 

IMG_2744 (2)We got to try Tuscan duck pasta pinci pasta, pulled pork in baps with apple sauce, the tosset biscuit and salt baked salmon..(warning hunger inducing pictures ahead..)

Continue reading

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New Year.. New Eats

We are well under way for the New Year now, Christmas tree has long gone come down, packed up and put away. Back in the full swing of things, no detoxing for me this January just reverting back to a healthy normal diet. Maybe..

Here are some  New YEAR New EATS.. which have been filling my stomach since the start of the year. photo 1 (92) photo 2 (82) Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Soya Eggs Recipe

Happy New Year 2014!  

This is my first post of the year (just 2 days after) the wind is howling up my chimney, a rainy storm has hit London this week and I’m glad to be in the confines of my home, working away, cooking and recipe writing. Perfect day for it really.

_DSC8076 copy (2)

So I hope the year ended well for you it certainly did for me, with long lounging days with the family and friends, clearing out the old and in with the new (in all aspects of my life) we start 2014 with our Taste Mauritius Supperclub the first of the year!photo (7)

Here is the menu I will be cooking up guests a tasty Mauritian goat curry which is traditionally eaten for the New Year as well as BBQ’s on the beaches (but we cannot do that permitting!) So please do book! Continue reading

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